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March 18, 2021

WACO Recap

Wow, Texas is windy! We played through 20-30 mph winds during the first two days out at the bEast. I'm happy to say that my tee shots and putting felt pretty confident in the wind, however my approach shots left much to be desired. Getting up and down from 250' and in is definitely something I have been working on this week.

Highlights from the week 1. I was the only player in the field to stay OB free the entire tournament. 2. I placed 38th and cashed. 3. I went -2 throughout the tournament on hole 17.

Lowlights from the week 1. I couldn't get up and down from 250' and in 2. I had 4 bogeys each during rounds 1 and 2

Excited for The Open at Belton which starts tomorrow!

: @tristan_tanner13

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